Davidson's Residence


Mid-century modern




sq.yd. plot




3,200 Sq.ft.


2,520 sq.ft











G. Size

No of cars: 2
Front Facade
Davidson’s residence is characterised by it’s functionality of spaces and an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in. As a reult of Covid-19 pandemic, people have started to focus more on their lifestyle, and the quality of spaces they live in. Our clients, a flamboyant couple in their 50s, contacted us in the middle of the lockdown in March 2020. Their most fundamental requirement was to build a home that would seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. The design evolved as a single story structure with an easy access to the backyard garden in mind, facing south.

Lack of staircases frees up more square footage for living areas and provides an easier access to the great outdoors.

Ceiling height of the interior spaces of the house in 9 feet, however it is increased to 10 feet in the living room. By raising and lowering the ceiling, spaces are enlivened and places within the larger area are created that are individually defined yet part of the whole.

Frameless Windows placed up against the ceiling in the living room make the space feel bigger because the light bounces off the ceiling and walls.

Ceiling windows in the living room
Kitchen, Laundry and Pantry(also stores garden equipment) are all comprised of one unit. The unit is directly accessible from the front and the back yard, this allows for easy housekeeping and minimum maintainence. A large kitchen window was intentionally planned for the client to enjoy the front yard views while cooking and doing chores.
Kitchen and Laundry with direct access to the outdoors

A 7 feet wide corridor acts as a verandah that keeps the house airy and divides the guest quarters from the house, both units being under one roof.

Should the need arise, the house is designed to accommodate the addition of a second guest bedroom and bath in place of the garage, north of the existing guest bedroom.
House plan with landscaping
The roof which extends off the front and back of the house, also extends the impression of the house size. A private garden located off the master bedroom was designed for the client to feel close to the nature at all times.
Master bedroom

The relatively simple cubic form of this house allows the owners to put more of their budgets into windows. The living area features a wall of windows that captures panoramic views.

The design of the house is a simple and straightforward expression of the living demand of modern-minded people wishing to cope with their living problems.
Living and Dining offer a panoramic view of the backyard
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