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The first step in designing and building your home is
Pre-Design Service

Architect Site Visit and Consultation
Our first step is to visit the project site and understand what the client is hoping to build on it. Discussing the goals allows our design team to be specific in their analysis so the “must haves” can be met.
Site Plan 4 HouseMagnet Architect Chandigarh
Evaluating the Site
The second step is to asses the site location. Our surveying guys will map the site thoroughly. We’ll evaluate the lot size and dimensions, access to building utilities like electricity and sewage, existing topography and vegetation, and the adjacent area.
site analysis diagram HouseMagnet Architect Chandigarh
Site utilisation and Zoning Analysis
The next step is to look at the local zoning codes that would tell us what can be built on site. It would give us information on how short or tall, long or wide the building can be. Detailed analysis of the site would allow us to identify site potentials and limitations.
Massing Max Footprint sun HouseMagnet Architect Chandigarh
Determining the massing
After defining the site parameters, from the zoning code, such as setbacks and maximum occupied area, we draw up an initial massing. We will create a 3D block of the building to determine maximum building footprints on all floors, maximum buildable height, and open area. THIS IS WHERE YOUR HOUSE DESIGN STARTS!
Space program mind map HouseMagnet Architect Chandigarh
Programming and Budgeting
This step involves diagramming the space programs in relation to each other using a mind map. It will help you understand linkages and interactions of spaces, on actual site. Formulation of a mind map will serve as the basis for the development of architectural plan and design. The Architect would also prepare a rough estimate of cost and timeframe for the design project.
Pre design sample 3 HouseMagnet Architect Chandigarh
Delivering the Pre-Design Report
Our cohesive architectural feasibility report will include high quality visuals, massing diagrams, and data. This report marries the important numbers and data with attractive and easy to understand visuals. A typical feasibility package can range from 4-11 pages in depth. Oh! and did we mention that when you get this report, you have no commitment to our firm. You can use this study anyway you see fit and you’ll have a very clearly defined scope of work for your new house.

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Book a site survey

Our site survey team goes directly to your site to take all the measurements. The survey takes about 4 hours. Please provide them with necessary documents to determine the boundary of your plot and any relevant document to help them in their process. Please make sure they have access to the site on time and prepare the payment in cash. Price: ₹5000

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