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Start on the journey of building your vey own house with the help of our architect team.

Our designs

Our Designs

Serenity Residence
Brick House
Inverted Plan House
Cube House
Davidson's Residence
Staircase House
Architecture Projects Under Way

Architecture Projects Under Way

Row of 5 staircase houses in Chennai

Completed in 2021 100%

Renovation Project in Ludhiana

Completed in 2021 100%

House in Mohali #1

Construction phase 50%

House in Zirakpur #1

Construction phase 40%

Extension in Chandigarh #1

Budgetting 30%

Commercial office building for 150 employees in Ludhiana for Vardhman Textiles LTD.

Concept 20%
Our Goal

Our Goal

In possibly the biggest expense of your life, we provide structure for good decision making, transparency and security in budget management, and ultimately, taste and good design.

Our Message To You

Our Message
To You

Our Process

Our process

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Creating a design brief

Our first step is to visit the project site and understand what the client is hoping to build on it. Discussing the goals allows our design team to be specific in their analysis so the “must haves” can be met.
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Evaluating the site

Next, we will asses the site location. We can help you analyse the site to determine what can be built and where. We’ll evaluate the lot size, access to building utilities like electricity, sewage, existing vegetation and topography, and the neighbourhood. We’ll then look at the local zoning codes. It would give us information on how short or tall, long or wide the building can be.
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House program and budget

We work with you to develop a program for the home you are imagining, and create a mind map of rooms in relation to each other. Formulation of mind map will serve as the basis for the development or architectural plan and design. Based on your requirements and finalised layout, we provide a rough estimate of costs and timeframe for the design project.


We believe high-quality design is a collaborative process between the Architect and the Client. Working from the pre-design analysis, we’ll prepare conceptual plans and sketches. After the concept is born, we detail it into precise floor plans and elevations incorporating this information into a detailed 3D model.

Material selection

Given a wide array of interior and exterior materials, we make selection easier by creating a 3D digital cladding study so you can visualise various materials, configurations, and color schemes. We can help you understand the materials and their properties- and explain the characteristics of each option so you can make an informed decision.
Cost of Building a House

Cost of interiors

Built Up Area in sq.ft.*
Max Built Up Area = Plot size (in sq.ft.) x FSI
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Civil total
Standard Interiors
Standard Interiors total
Standard Interiors + Civil total
Premium Interiors
Premium Interiors total
Premium Interiors + Civil total
Luxury Interiors
Luxury Interiors total
Luxury Interiors + Civil total
Our fees
Our fees in lump sum
Our fees relative to standard interiors + civil

Our fees include architecture and interior design. Our end-to-end service is a fixed price, showing we have no interest in you spending more. When you look at the price of standard interiors + civil costs, our fees represent less than 4% of that cost. 



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