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Online Digital Room Planning Service

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Individual Room Design Service

After the online digital room planning service we can start designing the room.

Creating a moodboard showcasing the aesthetics, colours and materials for your room.
Choosing materials that don’t go out of style and stand the test of time. Choose what to highlight in the room, For example it could be choosing to highlight an Italian marble flooring or your old grandfather’s clock.
Lighting design for your room, selection of fixtures.
Lighting is a critical part in the feel of the room. We can work on the brightness, the temperature, shadows and the look and position of every individual fixture to create the ambience you wish.

Detailing of materials, fabrics, blind, curtains, wallpapers according to the theme.

Creating the list of items, calculating and organising labour works.

Placing the orders for furniture and furnishings.

We provide all the coordination between vendors and delivery personnel providing your home’s furnishings. We coordinate the installation of artwork, plants, linens, etc.
We’ll make sure everything comes together perfectly!

For Every Room
A Single Price


*For those who have purchased online digital planning service, otherwise the price is ₹50,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of ₹6,000 for digital consultancy and the price of ₹44,000 for room design don’t cover cost of material, furnishings, they are the cost of designing your room by an interior designer.

An interior designer guides you through the whole process of planning, designing, material furnishings, furniture and art selection. A lot of detail comes into designing a great space. You’ll find an interior designer also helps you manage your budget and is your ally when it comes to negotiating with vendors. In the end an interior designer provides you reduced and managed costs, time saved and quality result.

Yes, it is totally possible to skip the digital consultancy. The price will end up the same, but we can start right away.

Yes, for the digital consultancy it is required, but if you feel it is to much of a burden, we can send someone to take the measurements for you for a minimal fee.

No, you can buy furniture from different shops, we’ll help you select the items and arrange them with style according to the look you are aiming for.

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2 keys to success when working with an interior designer, the first is you need to know how to say "No, I don't like this", the second is that there are no stupid questions.

Ar. Sana Bhardwaj

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