The first step in designing your interiors is the Space Planning Service

Here, we gather all the data that we need before starting the design process. It identifies the proposed function, preferred mood and the style of the space. 

Site visit and Consultation
In our first step, we try to understand all the reasons why you want to change the space so that we can fulfil your needs. Here we analyse, who will live in the new home, what reasons motivate the need for this change and what is the space like where we are going to intervene.
measurements- point 2
Approach to the space
In this step, we will set up a site visit with our team. In this visit, we try to gather as much information as possible about the space we’re in, the existing materials, furniture, lighting, and even the environment it’s situated in. We measure the entire area, take photographs, and take notes of everything we see. We even film to avoid omitting anything. Cameras see more than our eyes do.
2d plan point 3 House Magnet Architect Firm Ludhiana
Dimensions and Shape of the space
We then draw up an initial 2D plan of the space in its original state. We detail out the location of the kitchen and the bathroom in these 2D plans so it’s clear where the current plumbing or electrical installations are.
sketch 12 point 4 House Magnet Architect Firm Ludhiana
Layout and sketches
After taking detail dimensions of the space, we will sketch out the new proposed functional use of the space on paper. With our sketches you’ll see clearly the different zones of space and the activities that will take place in those zones. The space plan will also define the circulation patterns that show how people will move through the space. The sketch is finished by adding details of all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement.
point 5 2 docs House Magnet Architect Firm Ludhiana
Functional and Spatial organisation
This step involves diagramming the space programs in relation to each other using a mind map. It allows the client to see in a very visual way all they had in mind about the project. Formulation of the mind map will serve as the basis for the development of architectural plan and design.
Conceptual Design House Magnet Architect Firm Ludhiana
The next step is for us to prepare a rough estimate of cost and timeframe for the design project. It will answer your most important questions on: Roughly, how much time will it take? & How much money will I spend?
Delivering the Space-Planning Report
Our comprehensive interior space planning report will include high quality visuals, and sketches. This report details all our data analysis, client requirements, and ideas in a very visual manner. A typical space planning package ranges from 4-11 pages. Oh! and did we mention that when you get this report, you have no commitment to our firm. You can use this study anyway you see fit and you’ll have a very clearly defined scope of work for your new house.
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