Inverted Plan House






sq.yd. plot




4,550 Sq.ft.


1,350 sq.ft











G. Size

No of cars: 2
North View- Front

As the name suggests, Inverted Plan house is designed as a 3-story structure with, a reverse layout, meaning the main living spaces (living room/ kitchen/ dining) on the upper level and the bedrooms on the lower level. When people think of a “traditional” home layout, they usually think of the living space/kitchen/dining area all being on the ground floor, and the bedrooms upstairs. For a variety of reasons, it’s getting especially common for a Townhome (multi storey house attached to one or more houses by a shared wall) to have a reverse floor plan. This optimizes the lifestyle of the occupants substantially. 

North-west corner view

Features of the House

  • Abundant natural sunlight and better views from your living spaces!

    With a home of three or four stories, it is no surprise that the top floor has better views and more natural sunlight than the lower floors. The inclusion of full height windows on all sides of the structure captures views and allows plentiful daylight. This makes the top floor of a home to be the most desirable lifestyle experience measured by airiness, flow, views, and privacy.

East side view
  • Rooftop deck is right at your fingertips.

When you’re entertaining guests and enjoying al fresco dining; getting all of your dinnerware + drinks + food up to the roof from the kitchen can be quiet a hassle. However with our reverse layout, you could relax and enjoy eating outdoors every day.

Balcony on east side
  • Dramatic entryway makes an awesome first impression

This house is designed with an entryway that directs the visitors efficiently up the stairs (or via the elevator) to the top floor common area. Visual cues such as changes in materials also directs the guests subtly away from the bedrooms and up to the living room. Additionally, High ceilings, windows with sunlight pouring in and statement-making art pieces makes a fabulous entryway!

Looking towards the House entrance

This 4-bedroom house with 4 baths, 2 powder rooms, a study, an entertainment room and a rooftop deck is designed for a property with a frontage of 50 ft. and a depth of 90 ft. Inverted plan house is developed for people who want a simple, efficient, and a comfortable house that will take full advantage of the weather and the views which makes inside-outside living possible in the city area.

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